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MPLS offers a great opportunity for companies wanting to expand their support to end users in different countries. MPLS allows the convergence of corporate applications with high class of service / quality of service (CoS/QoS) to configure Intranet/Extranet and remote access. MPLS based solutions provide extra value by connecting remote corporate sites whose applications are critical and require high Cos/QoS. There is up to 6 CoS/QoS traffic:

VPN: Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access IEEE 802.16, 70 mbps.
Wave Length: 1 meter
Frequency: Licensed, 300 GHz
Type: Satellite
Transmission: Broadband 1 mbps
Method: Isochronous 0.1 ~ 1.0 second
Mode: Unicast, Full-Duplex
Medium: Microwave 2.4 GHz 256 channel, FDMA, MIMO
Access Control: Request-Grant
Channel Bandwidth: 28 MHz
Coverage: 60 Km
QoS: Ensured
Multi Functional
LOS: 11 GHz (Line-Of-Sight)
NLOS: 66 GHZ (Non--Line-Of-Sight)
Less Interference.